The detection phase is a logical next step after the preliminary investigation and the risk analysis (RA) that may have been performed. The preliminary investigation gives an indication of the location of possible explosive remnants of war. During the RA, a risk assessment is made with a view to the work planned by you. A project plan is drawn up during the work preparation to ensure that the on-site investigation is carried out as efficiently as possible. The detection phase is the first step in the implementation of this project plan.

During the detection phase, it is determined whether there are actually metallic objects (such as explosives) present within suspicious locations. Advanced measurement techniques are used to map the mass and depth of these objects. The detection data obtained are recorded immediately or at a later stage and analyzed and interpreted by specialists. During the interpretation, the suspect objects are distinguished from the other objects and included in an overview list. We will then prepare a detection report and you will be advised about possible next steps.

ECG’s staff is fully certified according to the CS-OOO regulations. This means that the expertise of our experts is tested and that periodic exams have to be taken. They are only put to work after successful completion of this exam. This assures you of qualified technicians for your project. 

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