At Trust & Go we only work with specially trained security officers

You will not leave their sight, and will be protected at all times. The close protection means you have someone by your side in every situation, and you can go about your day in a safe manner.


Protected At All Times

Personal safety of yourself and your family is of the utmost importance to everyone. This security is increasingly threatened. For example, because a family is wealthy, but also because of business activities. Trust & Go considers it essential when organizing personal safety that all measures have as little impact as possible on privacy and that the client is unburdened. Customization is essential here. It is also important that the measures are in line with the real risks and that they are mutually consistent.


Why work with us?

Our preventive observers, security consultants, security drivers and bodyguards are indispensable for the execution of these personal security services. They are veterans of specialist police and defense units. Our people have years of experience in high-quality personal security at home and abroad for embassies, (very) wealthy individuals (UHNWI), top athletes (including professional football), executives of Fortune 500 companies and (international) celebrities. In addition to this experience, we also select them on driving skills and on the following important personal characteristics.

Why Choose Us

We Are Qualified & Professional

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